The power of a cross-over

As we have seen in the development of the Marvel Universe, when a single franchise owns a series of titles there are great opportunities for cross-over story telling. This contributes a number of interesting aspects to story telling: it allows for a greater sense of verisimilitude, that the world the story is set in is a real place; it encourages fan involvement in a multitude of stories, which also increases the viewing numbers across multiple shows; and it allows for diversity in story telling. So if it is so successful why do we not see more of this? Why are studios that put forward multiple shows set in a similar universe not including this type of story telling? What are the limitations of doing this?

  • Most studios do not invest as much into character building and storylines as Marvel. Take DC for example, the time investment either just is not there or they are just not as superb storytellers. – Munjeera 4 years ago
  • Money! Any sort of ideological and/or sentimental lacking rests in corporate interests. And what is corporate most interested in? THE PROFIT MOTIVE. – camerond24 4 years ago
  • @camerond24, I actually agree, but this is part of what surprises me. It would actually cost them less to do cross overs and would help cross-promote their other shows, even those with lower viewing would receive a boost. Especially if they employed writers on contracts, which a number of studios do, and use them across multiple shows, this would reduce many costs. Plus advertising could be linked into this. I think it is perhaps considered "too hard" to manage? – SaraiMW 4 years ago

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