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The Problem with Sword Art Online

After discussing Sword Art Online with many other fans and anime bloggers, here is a list of the many issues with the anime.

These include, but are not limited to:

-The pervasive fan service used throughout the series.
-Character’s willpower overcoming the video game mechanics.
-Every girl being in love with the main character for no reason.
-Turning the heroine into a damsel in distress.
-Multiple rapey-scenes including one with tentacles.
-A bad guy that puts his research lab in a place which the goal of the game was to access.
-The main character does not put his foot down and tell other women he’s already taken.
-Headset that can fry a human brain made it through the hazard and safety line in a -production company.
-The lack of realistic overweight gamer or even parents in the series.
-Randomly generated avatars used as an excuse to make the main character look like a girl.
-Overly long exposition dumps in cafe’s and restaurants.
-Not explaining things like why the main character’s illusions are solid.
-How he can used duel wielding ability without abilities.
-Why the bad guy isn’t afraid to be found out and why they run when in a hurry at times that they could fly.
-The forgotten and over convoluted schemes of the villains.

  • This is quite interesting as SAO seems to have been quite polarizing for people. Certainly those I know either loved it or didn't particularly care. Personally, I thought it looked like a dot Hack knockoff and so have avoided it (I love dot Hack as a franchise). Good piece. – mattdoylemedia 7 years ago
  • It might be best to pick 1 or 2 specific problems and focus on those, rather than listing every problem you have with the anime. Especially since some, like the lack of stereotypical gamers, or Kurito's appearance, matter a lot less than the series' treatment of women. Just talking about the misogyny, the rapey scenes, the lack of agency that Asuna has, etc, should be enough for a good article. – Winter 7 years ago

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