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The Realities of Farm Life With Silver Spoom

Silver Spoon follows Yuugo Hachiken, as he goes into the unknown world of farming. He is a city kid that really just wanted to get away from his over baring father, so he goes to a farming high school thinking it will be much easier and give him time to study for college. He could not be more wrong in that regard. It is your average fish out of water story, but the way Hiromu Arakawa writes it makes it anything but average.

Yuugo preconceived notions about the school and the students there are all completely changed more and more the longer he is at the school. You view also change your views are farming and the food you eat on a regular basis. It holds your hand through out the process, but it never fells like you are being babied or are being force fed any information.

There is real world drama and the events are never sugar coated or lightened to make the story easier. Even though it deals with real drama and realities that are normally left out of slice of life stories, there is still a silver lining and a very high note to live by.

  • This article would read better with a few spelling corrections. – JeffinAurora 7 years ago
  • Spoon is spelled wrong in the title. "Overbearing father" How about "thanks to Hiromu Arakaw writing, it is anything but average." "Yuugo's preconceived". Get rid of "more and more" and have it read "are completely changed the longer he is at school." "You view" change this. Other than that its a pretty good tide. – ajester 7 years ago
  • I think the article is great, but just needs a few spelling corrections and that should do the fix. – Kmo 7 years ago

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