The Relationship Between Space and Place, and its Influence on Culture

There is something to be said about the relationship between space and place. Often, where we are located geographically and the site in which we operate in contribute greatly to the cultural goods we produce. In the arts, this is commonly seen where low-cost, renovated heritage sites have been turned into galleries, studios, cafes and apartments. But is there really a relationship between space and place and do they truly influence culture?

An artist friend of mine said to me the other day that when she is working, who she is and always has been comes out in her work – and see has witnessed this in other artists too. In particular, she sees elements of her parents personalities she inherited showing in her work. Is art something that is innate, or is it brought upon by the environment?

This same friend of mine went on to say that every great artist needs a strong network of community support. Reinforcing the important of place, an artist is a person who arises out of their own space, supported and influenced by the place in which they live and work, and is, I believe, an ever-changing person along with the cultural spaces in which they inhabit.

What do you think? Are space and place important for an artist, or is it all innate?

  • I think this is an interesting topic. You could also speak, not only about how we have affected the spaces and places around us. Should art aim to change our ideas of spaces and places. Also, these places and spaces need not only be considered in a geographic sense, but could include a number of other discourses, such as race, sexuality, gender, nationalism, capitalism, and so on. – Matthew Sims 7 years ago
  • The distinction between space and place is an interesting area to explore. How do we perceive space, and what limits do we set to define it as a place? As an artist, thinking spatially is an important aspect, whether working in 2D or 3D mediums. The depiction of space visually in artwork is a compositional and conceptual component. In terms of influence, I think our surrounding environment, culture, and ideologies are a massive factor in determining who we are and how we produce our artwork, and worth considering in terms of the physical space we inhabit. – Kim 7 years ago
  • I think space and place are very important for an artist. Very often it's what influences them, and so I don't think art is innate. Your inspiration, your drive, has to come from somewhere, from something that inspires you. – Desexualize the Banana 7 years ago

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