The reputation of the hip hop/rap industry

Hip hop/rap music is often associated with thugs and those "on the wrong side of the law". The whole genre is thought to be filled with angry artists who have a bad temper and it’s stereotyped that it encourages negative attitudes in those who listen to it (dis tracks, rants etc.) Meanwhile, the disco music that filled the 70’s with fun and dance, is seen to be much more innocent. If hip hop/rap is simply an evolution of disco – a spin off of the adored genre – why are the reputations of the two so different?

  • The answer seems pretty obvious, whoever picks this topic would have to talk about how black people are represented in the media and how they are constructed to be received. The media made it so that rap would be a taboo, did they do that because it was mostly black people in the genre or really because of the content. As for content it would be super important to show that not all hiphop/rap music was bad, doing a historical analyses as to how the genre came to be would also be crucial. – tmtonji 4 years ago

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