The Revival of the 90s on TV and in Film: Are We Being Nostalgic?

In recent years, there has been a growing interest in the revival of TV shows or films from the 90’s. The most recent addition to this lineup is Netflex’s re-production of sequels to "Full House" and "Gilmore Girls". The remake of Ghostbusters, the Terminator, and Goosebumps are some of the other examples of this shift. What does the revival of such shows or films tell us about our cultural understanding of the 90s? Are we being nostalgic or does the industry tap into our love for such iconic shows, but why? Exploring this idea would require an examination of the cultural significance of such shows or films and to what extent their appeal has resulted in their revival decades later.

  • And with Nickelodeon rerunning Rugrats, it seems it's the makers that are being nostalgic. Perhaps one of the reasons is that a lot of new comers to the Nickelodeon production team were 90s kids? Maybe. I personally don't know who's I charge and how new they are so I could be wrong but it's worth looking into. – SpectreWriter 7 years ago
  • Nick has it's own nostalgia channel now and that is something too, it's like we are keen on being nostalgic 2015 /2016 are all about reviving dead shows, twin peaks is coming back from the 90's and x-files came back from the 90's. it is like the 90's shows are making a comback and they are even talking about having a hey arnold! movie and then a movie with all the old cartoons like rugrats, hey arnold! etc., it's a good way to start to get us to buy series' dvd's haha because that is def what it makes me want to do right now. But, what does it do to us as a generation to see these shows and see the people in these shows grown up and what does it do for the kids who did not know these shows existed and how this is the first show they are going to see and have as full house grown up, instead of as little kids, it is so weird to think about! – scole 7 years ago
  • It's also worth noting that in the 2000s, Rugrats already sort of came back when All Grown Up aired. And as a spin-off/sequel of some sorts, it was actually not that bad at all. I'd say, as a generation, shows like this would rekindle anybody's old love, and make newcomers curious to what the original was all about. Only makes things better. It's a smart move by Nick. – SpectreWriter 7 years ago
  • With Nickelodeon running it's 90s channel, The Splat, I suppose you could say that it's a way of keeping the 90s kids' youthful spirit alive in a way, similar to how Boomerang was aimed towards the Baby Boomers as a nostalgia television block. It seems too soon to be presenting a 90s nostalgia block, but with the fast culture and growing technology, the industry will always rise to this occasion of feeding these audiences what they crave. – Sean Navat Balanon 7 years ago

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