The Rise of Peter Dinklage

A look at Peter Dinklage’s career, particularly compared to other actors of short stature. He made a point of not playing leprachauns etc. in hie early career, and made a great turn in The Station Agent (2003) Where could he go from here and will his success open the door for other short actors/actresses? (season 4 of GoT should provide a role for at least one…)

  • This is a really interesting topic. Though he's been around for years he's probably best known for GoT. I remember an early interview that he did about avoiding typecasting and you might want to consider looking at that as part of your topic. Good luck with the article, I'm excited to read it! – Kristin Ronzi 7 years ago
  • Great Topic! I feel that he has been underrated for years! When I first saw him in Elf, I thought he had potential, but was disappointed that he was subjected to these types of roles. He has finally found the perfect role in Game of Thrones! – writingonpurpose 7 years ago
  • I saw him for the first time in Nip/Tuck and thought he was great. A quick look at his career would be nice, but I am sure someone else has already done this. – T. Palomino 1 month ago

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