The Role of Art in Presidential Campaigns

Discuss the role played by graphic design and art in determining the success or failure of presidential electoral campaigns. Did Shephard Fairey’s Iconic Obama "Hope" poster play a substantial role in his electoral success? Describe the evolution of "buttons" used to demonstrate support for candidates beginning at the turn of the twentieth century to today’s graphic modes demonstrating support (bumper stickers, t shirts).

  • Such an interesting topic! I think the hope poster really nailed the message of Obama's campaign. It's become iconic. – mattybas 7 years ago
  • I totally agree. A good slogan, a good logo is a huge help. I think people associate slogan's/images with things very easily. It is easier for someone to recognize and support an image than recognize a person's face. It's easier to remember a slogan and have certain feelings roused in them, than it is to remember long agendas and speeches. – Tatijana 7 years ago
  • Would it be helpful to consider television ads in the examination? One immediately thinks of Johnson's "Daisy." – Bo 7 years ago
  • Would be interesting to touch on how presidential captains have evolved throughout the years, especially with new emerging technologies. – aamenson 7 years ago
  • This has always been a very interesting topic to me! I think it has a huge effect on campaigns - Jeb Bush just changed his imagery/slogan to try to get a push in the campaigns. It would also be interesting to see the history/evolution of art through the years (screen print, woodcut, digital media, etc.). – epiphanysk 7 years ago
  • Hi, this is Jen who proposed this. I just wanted to say thanks for the lovely comments. I'm glad the topic was of interest, as I'm a brand new addition to the community. I look forward to the article. – Jen Marler 7 years ago
  • Interesting! I think that another way to look at this is how social media also impacts the ability of art to play an important role in presidential campaigns. The hope poster was something easily shared, and captured a feeling that Obama had in his 2008 campaign. Now, people can even incorporate some of the elements of political statements into Facebook profiles-like how a ton of people changed their profile picture to the colors of the French flag after the attacks there. – cray0309 7 years ago

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