The strong Korean female lead is tamed and gets married

Analyse contemporary female representations in K-Dramas. More often than not, the quirky, carefree and strong-willed female lead begrudgingly falls in love and gets married… but not always. Examine why this is the case, and show the difference between how Asian and Western female leads are constructed.

  • interesting topic! it may be helpful to provide some examples for anyone who takes this topic. perhaps consider including a list of K-Dramas with this strong female lead (Boys Over Flowers, for example) as well as other East Asian media that reproduces this trope. it could also be good to include Eastern media that resists this construction as well, like Miyazaki's strong female leads. – ees 3 years ago
  • It is certainly a topic worth studying. You might need to research on the cultural context to understand the audience's expectation on characters(ex. "Bad boy appeals"). I would suggest looking into classical Korean literature if possible, and perhaps look into similar narratives in other cultures(ex. tsundere trope in Japanese anime). – idleric 3 years ago

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