The subconscious idea in the movies

Explore and analyze how the subconscious idea affects the development of the movie.

The word "subconscious" is an adjective to describe the situation of "appearing out of the consciousness". It is originated from the French word subconscient introduced by psychologist Pierre Janet.

One of the classical examples which obtain subconscious idea is A Nightmare on Elm Street(1984). The killer murdered the victim in the nightmare of his.

  • I believe Hitchcock played around with introducing plot elements subconsciously. In Psycho, Norman Bates is showing off his taxidermy collection to another character (can't remember who at the moment), which consists of all birds. Now what is another term for an old lady? Don't we call old ladies an old bird? (at least they did in the 60's when the movie was made) A stuffed old bird offers the viewers subconsciously the finale of the movie, it would appear. – DrTestani 6 years ago

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