The "V" Word and Its Public Appearance

This article would discuss the impact of feminine art in popular culture and it’s designation in ‘shock art’. Aside from an article which was just posted to the site this last week (the artist who painted the portrait of Donald Trump from the previous article would be off limits to this one), this article would focus on four points: menstrual art, vaginal art (artwork representing the vagina and vulva), and way these types of feminine art are received compared to falic art, and the artistic representation vs commercials for feminine products. Why does this art only see feminist shows and shock art galleries? What is still so taboo about the subject the expressive forms suffer from lesser public appearances and appreciation? How can the constant ad revenue for feminine products be accepted, but the presence of celebration and politics concerning the feminine body is recoiled against?

  • This is interesting phallic art vs. vagina art. There are many phallic symbols in architecture such as the Washington Monument in Washington D.C. An exploration into power symbols can be explored here. The vagina art is most popular through the studies of Georgia O'Keefe. I look forward to this article. – Venus Echos 7 years ago

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