The War of Colors

Watercolor, acrylics, poster color, and oil colors. Well, there are more. I think it’ll be a fun and interesting article to simple analyze the pros and cons of color types in a humorous sense. Something like the personification of colors. Amid our serious articles, we need something light to serve our audience.

  • That would be a very fun article indeed! The major thing is not to take this seriously because there is no way a certain colour or material is better than another. Each one has a different purpose, and it's very subjective - you would start a war in the comment section! So make it fun and ironic and light :) – Rachel Elfassy Bitoun 7 years ago
  • This sounds delightful. I don't know that much about art but something like this could be informative and lots of fun to read. Hope someone takes on the challenge. – Celeste Reeb 7 years ago
  • I agree with Rachel, this could be a tricky subject to work with though unique in its approach. The topic sounded a little too vague before; if only because the subject of colors could be applied to just about anywhere artistic, not just the "Arts." Maybe have an article centered around artists like Pablo Picasso who used color to emphasize the subjects of his art's emotions (Rose Period, Blue Period, etc.). – dsoumilas 7 years ago
  • As a mixed media artist, this topic intrigues me. The thing that concerns me is your suggestion of using humor to convey the topic. As a person who uses sarcasm and humor in most of his writing, I wouldn't know how to use humor in an effective way when talking about different paint mediums. – Kenny Lim 7 years ago

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