The writing style of Gilmore Girls

What makes Gilmore Girls different from other shows? Is it the fast-paced dialogue and the type of humor, how real it feels? Is it how the writers always leave you a little unsatisfied, never really giving you what you want? All the above? Something totally different? Compare the show to other hit comedies and/or dramadies and talk about what sets it apart.

  • One of the best analysis of the Gilmore Girls that I've heard was "let's speak really, really quickly in short sentences in a very staccato style and maybe people will think we're clever instead of vapid". – NoDakJack 6 years ago
  • I think the blend of drama and humor is one of the defining traits that lead to the success of Gilmore Girls. Often times they are seen mixing their dramatic story telling with a fair amount of comedy that allows audiences to not be overwhelmed like they would otherwise be in a typical drama – shugo828 5 years ago
  • The relationship between Lorelai and Rorie and that of Lorelai and her mother are interesting. Think on this idea of teenage pregnancy and how this affects mother daughter relationships. – britneyann 5 years ago

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