Things you missed in the movie "Us"

If you have seen Jordan Peele’s new directorial debut, this movie is crammed and hidden with certain items and subliminal messages in this film, just like his previous film "Get Out." Analyze the movie and write about all the messages that people may have not seen or realized while watching the film.

  • I think this a good topic, but could be more detailed. I think you should also examine "Get Out" along with "Us" to see what themes are prominent in both movies. – BMartin43 3 years ago
  • I agree with the last note--it's definitely worth comparing with "Get Out" and finding common threads. It might also be worth looking at why these movies are relevant, socially or politically. There are lots of great articles written about the significance of Jordan Peele's work as a cultural moment, and they can definitely help you out. – Eden 3 years ago

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