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Top 100 Anime Movies of All Time

What is the best of the best and where are the best of the rest? Right here. One hundred entries plus a list of honorable mentions, this a list of anime movies to enjoy for all occasions.

10. Barefoot Gen
9. Summer Days with Coo
8. Spirited Away
7. Princess Mononoke
6. Only Yesterday
5. Perfect Blue
4. Wolf Children
3. A letter to Momo
2. Time of Eve
1. Colorful

The final ten are not the only titles worth your time. Every movie on this list is a must see for any anime fan. From musical intrigue to epic space operas this list of classics will provide endless hours and options of entertainment. There are a variety of titles that may not even be known at all but still deserve to be known. This is a list guaranteed to provide hours of entertainment for those willing to seek these movies out. From personal viewing experience numbers 93: Escaflowne: A girl in Gaea, 89: Redline, 72: The place promised in our early days and 71: Origin: spirits of the past, are worth checking out at least once. Possessing a blend of emotional depth and exciting action these films are worth checking out and are a new breed from the dime a dozen anime that are widely available. It is needless to say that the additions from Studio Ghibli that do make their way to the list are worth a look. A brief glance at this list will definitely do any anime fan a huge service.

  • That's A Good List You Got There :) – ymkilskh 8 years ago
  • Great list, will definitely check some of these out! – Emily Deibler 8 years ago
  • I'm always looking for some awesome new anime movies from various directors to check out. The latest film I watched was Psychic School Wars which was definitely interesting. I like forward to checking some of these out for myself! – Kevin Mohammed 8 years ago
  • Watched Time of Eve as the ONA series it originally aired in. Need to watch the movie version to see how the pacing is affected and which to recommend to all the people that should have seen it by now but haven't.Great to see it so high up! – JekoJeko 8 years ago
  • I can't wait to watch to all of them. – KittenBob17747 8 years ago
  • Solid list. I love that everything is linked for more info. Great job. – CheesyJ 8 years ago
  • Excellent list! Excited to check out some of these. Sword of the Stranger is one of my personal favourites and I was delighted to see it on the list. – andreacr 7 years ago

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