Traditional Animation vs. CGI

Is 2D animation going down? What are some traditionally animated shows and films that are recent? Did Disney start CGI because of Dreamworks’ success of Shrek? If 2D is going down, is it a bad thing? Why or why not?

  • This is a very interesting topic. As we are noticing a lot of 3D and CGI because of Dreamworks, Pixar and other companies producing a lot of films and shows. However, we should probably ask: Could 2D animation have evolved into 3D and CGI? Or did 2D animation "moved" from films and shows to games and other forms of entertainment? I think a lot of this stems from the audience's interests (for example: what's popular) versus the production companies, artists, and creators's interests (for example: making money). – Quill 7 years ago
  • I think the most recent 2D animated movie I can think of is Song of the Sea which came out last year. It might also be interesting to discuss the animation Pixar used for Paper Man and will use for Moana. I can't remember what its called specifically but it looks like a combination of 2D and CGI at least in my opinion. – Cagney 7 years ago

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