Transcendentalism in American Romanticism: What is the role of the "Self"?

It becomes clear with times that the Romanticism holds an internal contradiction. These disagreements have a very humanistic nature. Thus, the theme of the concealed self plays particularly integral role in works of some romantic artists such as Emily Dickinson, Nathaniel Hawthorne, Edgar Allan Poe, and etc.. The role of artist, the role of artist’s self can be considered as a one of main themes of the romantic age. Although, the new limitless artistic and creative possibilities begun with understanding of their godlike nature, the faith in the absolute “thereness”, in the man’s transcendental origin faded. Did it lead to the logical conclusion that faith in the God needs to be replaced with the faith in the man, his mind, his creative powers and possibilities, his nobleness, dignity, and his ability to “self-rely”?

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