Transgender Cinema: Exploitative or Sincere?

Have the films which contain a transgender narrative or theme been exploitative or sincere to its subject matter?

  • Could talk about how transgendered characters in film are unfairly treated as freaks, which they are not. An example is that the offensive dance club seen in the Hanover 2, that used a transgendered character as nothing more than a punchline. – Aaron Hatch 7 years ago
  • Like I commented on the topic above abut gender characters, Hedwig is great to analyse. It's a very emotional and sincere film that shows all the difficulties transgender people have to face to be accepted in society and how they have to accept their body too. – Rachel Elfassy Bitoun 7 years ago
  • Boys Don't Cry may be a good one to look at here, as, while the film is unflinchingly violent, the presentation of Brandon is unmistakably sympathetic. – Hannah Spencer 7 years ago

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