Treasure Shelf

Where can you find our most valuable asset? On the shelves of cafes and libraries. The feel of a book from the hard cover to the soft egg-shell pages hold a lot of undiscovered secrets as we pass the opportunity to read as much as possible. Do e-books give the same satisfaction as a real book?

  • There was a topic suggestion very similar to this one, posted about a year ago, if memory serves. It would be worth digging through the archives to locate it. I recall commenting to the effect that whilst I love the look, feel and smell of a 'real' book, times move on. We've gone from stone tablets, papyrus scrolls, to vellum and paper and now the electronic page. In principle I agree with your sentiment though and for me at least, a shelf full of books has far more allure than a fistful of memory cards. Perhaps the real satisfaction comes not from the format, but in how the information contained therein is received by the reader.Ps. To anyone thinking of using 'a fistful of memory cards' - hands off, 'tis mine and I'm using it in a short story. :) – Amyus 3 years ago

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