Underrated Actors to Appreciate

Who are some of the most underrated actors in film? These are actors who do not get a lot of publicity or many accolades but are great actors. This is a subjective topic, but who are a few that have really stood out in certain films that viewers should know by name? Stanley Tucci, Sam Rockwell, Gary Oldman, Laura Linney, Catherine Keener, Emily Mortimer, to name a few.

  • As you have said, this is a subjective topic. So you would have to explain why these actors are unjustly underrated in terms of the type of characters they play, etc. – Ryan Errington 9 years ago
  • I doubt that Gary Oldman is underrated. I've seen way too many online comments of how great he is. I agree with Sam Rockwell though. Dude needs more recognition! – Arlinka Larissa 9 years ago

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