Underrated Captain Marvel

Captain Marvel has rather shaky origins since the creator, Fawcett Comics was sued for copying the idea of superman and had to cease writing it before DC took up the hero itself and claimed it as its own. Captain Marvel isn’t the hero most DC fans think of when the subject of heroes come up. Indeed, most prefer to think of Superman, Wonderwoman and of course Batman not to mention the Green Lantern core. Captain Marvel deserves his own screen time, though. Why doesn’t he get it?

  • But there has been an announcement about film on Captain Marvel (Billy Batson). WB said they're expecting to release it in 2019. It's called Shazam rather than Capt. Marvel because Marvel Studios (and Comics) currently have exclusive rights to that specific name. Incidentally, Marvel also wants to release a Captain Marvel (Carol Danvers) Film in 2018. Would be amusing if it got delayed and the two come out the same year. – rj2n 7 years ago
  • Yeah, I heard. But it's coming late. Maybe it can be argued that knowing Marvel has exclusive rights to that name has hurt Captain Marvel's popularity/credibility. – SpectreWriter 7 years ago

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