Universities not Prioritising English Literature and Creative Writing anymore.

I’ve found that more and more universities are refusing to allow students to engage with others in their degrees through on campus classes. Instead, universities are forcing students to have to enrol in creative writing and english literature classes online, thus removing the important physical contact and face to face discussion needed to allow students to fully engage with criticism and their work.

  • This is clearly a contentious issue and I do sympathise with your point of view, but your topic suggestion comes across as a statement of fact, rather than a basis for further discussion. I'd suggest rephrasing your suggestion along the lines of - 'With more universities pushing online creating writing and English literature classes, rather than encouraging on-campus discussions, consider what negative (or positive) impact this might have on the future of creative writing for all' etc. That's a little rough and straight off the top of my head, so apologies. Try to make your topic suggestion a little more inclusive. I'd also suggest that you and a few like-minded friends get together socially, perhaps in your own homes, a coffee shop or wherever and hold your own informal study groups, exchanging ideas, reading each other's work and offering constructive criticism. Off campus, the faculty has no control over what you choose to do in your free time. Good luck! – Amyus 4 years ago
  • Good Afternoon Hodge, As an online and on-campus writing instructor, I definitely can understand the concern you feel. From my recent experiences teaching 101 and general education courses, it seems pushing composition electives online is a path many community colleges and four-year universities take. To better the topic, I suggest narrowing it down to if you feel online writing courses are more engaging than face-to-face versions or vice verse. You might get a better reaction :) – somedaysomewhere 4 years ago
  • Do you have examples of which universities? Is there more than anecdotal information about this? Should have more here to bolster why face-to-face is more important/beneficial compared to online (there are definitely studies on this) and make sure to not just completely dismiss the other side of the issue. – Antebellum 3 years ago
  • Sounds like a nonsense title. A Creative Writing course does not just exist in the title but permeates almost all course. History, Political Science courses with lots of writing assignments are going to addressing creativity. – Joseph Cernik 3 years ago

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