University struggles no one wants to talk about

Starting university and college is exciting and also nerve racking – you really do not know what to expect. On the likely chance that you are struggling through university and college, whether it be financially, mentally, or physically, there would also be hundreds of others experiencing the same. It is important to normalise discussing with others the secret struggles of university and college life. Are there any experiences you have had that have particularly stayed with you, or stand out?

  • Since I am in my first year, I find that university is frustrating when it comes to finance and the ability to do you your assignments back to back. It creates a sense of unable to breathe and to become overwhelmed. – Amelia Arrows 3 years ago
  • I doubt this is true. Everything comes up sooner or later. I get the feeling that what is at the heart of this proposed topic is why certain topics receive less attention (but still attention) than others. – Joseph Cernik 3 years ago

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