Using a Cliche in fiction or non fiction.

What are cliches? Are they okay to use in an original piece of fiction/nonfiction work if they are true to the topic? When are they appropriate? When are they not?

  • Those questions are so difficult to answer, if there even IS one single answer. I guess the most sensible way to approach cliche is to take it on a case by case basis. After all, they owe their existences to being popular and well received in the past do they not? And even if an author does despise them they can be used to comic effect at the very least, which in itself can be highly entertaining :D If I had to identify one rule of thumb concerning them though... It would probably be that cliche should never be overused, regardless of whether it be for comic or narrative effect. – Robert 6 years ago
  • A cliché as anything Shakespeare ever read. – Antonius865 5 years ago
  • Interesting question, and tricky to answer because it comes down to taste. To my mind, cliches are best avoided in writing (unless used in satire perhaps?) because by their nature they don't offer a new idea or fresh perspective. – keirasinclair 5 years ago

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