Utilizing graphic novel as a tool to cross language barrier

Discuss how the use of graphic novel may be appropriate to assist in crossing language or cultural barriers either online or in a classroom setting.

  • I would add what specifically graphic novels contribute to your topic. – BMartin43 4 years ago
  • Following the previous note, Japanese graphic novels that use Kanji could also inhibit the ability of the graphic novel to cross language barriers, so it's important to be specific about which graphic novels, and which languages, you mean. This, I think, would be important to consider in a topic like this one; Kanji oftentimes resists translation, and is not as readily translated accurately like other forms of language might be. – ees 4 years ago
  • There is most certainly an element within this topic that should explore multimodality and the ways in which text/language are only ONE mode inherent within comics. I would also question why “graphic novels” are the only focus of this topic? All comics should be included in this discussion as to use only graphic novels is rather limiting. – zrondinelli 4 years ago
  • I think this topic is similar to the argument that emojis can be used to cross language barriers as well, and perhaps its a larger scope that images are (generally) universal. Something like a graphic novel or even a comic book that contain detailed images I think are every efficient in conveying a story without narration being present. That being said, narration only helps to better clarify what the images mean. Still though, I believe most people can grasp concepts without the words. – NaliniDeonarine 4 years ago

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