Video Games and the "No Girls Allowed" Club

In these modern times we have seen changes to the video game industry toward a more acceptance of females. We now hear of female gamers, female main characters in games, and even professional female gamer teams. But have we really accepted females completely into the gamer community for who they are? Even with all these changes we still see females being harassed online, or judged on their gaming skills by being a female. I think it would be interesting to write this topic from both or either sides and discuss whether you think the gamer community has embraced or rejected female gamers.

  • It's a good topic, but one that might be a little too controversial. It'd be hard to find someone who could write this without bias (there was even bias in your topic). Assuming someone could actually write it properly, it'd be a massive undertaking research-wise when there's very little hard or even soft data. – jwiderski 7 years ago
  • You could also branch out into females in the game development industry. I don't think women can fully be accepted into gaming until women are in the industry making games for women!c – Tatijana 7 years ago
  • I think if you phrase the title differently and expand the gender split in other mediums, like video games and anime this is a worthwhile topic. The Anime News Network Podcast had an episode on sexism which covers this quite well, including differences between the anime fandom and other mediums. It might be a useful reference to look at. – Jordan 7 years ago
  • I think the language of your topic suggestion already answers the question: if women are being harassed and generally held to a higher or double standard, then women have (not necessarily been rejected) not been embraced yet by the "gamer community." Is there another way to approach this issue? Maybe write an article about steps that can be taken to further include and respect women in said community? – Cmandra 7 years ago

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