Vlogging: The New Form of Entertainment

Analyse how "vlogging" or video blogging became popular. How has this affected the Youtube community? How will this affect a person’s form of entertainment?

  • You can also talk about the pros and cons of being a vlogger. Sure, it may seem like easy money (as there’s less editing to do), but the more information you share to your audience, the more curious they become. Soon it will be hard to keep matters private, because your audience will always want to know what happened, and be angered if the vlogger alludes to it but doesn’t share. – YsabelGo 7 years ago
  • Why not try a list of the best v-loggers of the decade? – smarrie 7 years ago
  • I'm seeing more academic discussion in vlogs as well. People will upload an analysis or review on youtube more readily than an essay on the same topic. Think about the self-publishing aspect of that and being able to create a fandom of sorts. Mental Floss and Khan Academy as well as other education-focused groups and individuals are also posting quick comprehensive lessons on various concepts, historical events, and methods of thought that cover a rich amount of information but are presented in an easy to understand format. – nsnow 7 years ago
  • Whenever I find myself watching vlogs I always find myself thinking too about what is the value of vlogging? Is it not just a simpler form of reality television? Does it have any true value or is it just a habitual sort of thing that we are curious about what someone else is doing? – FrankiHanke 7 years ago
  • John Green obviously springs to mind here, both because of his wide range of vlogs (with mental floss and with his brother), and his own self-conscious engagement with the requirements of the form. Defintely check his tumblr presence! – bam216 7 years ago
  • Maybe you can talk about how there is a very large audience. And like other people have said that there are pros and cons, like the privacy issue and all the work you have to do to film somewhere or be allowed to film something or not and legally showing something. And the different types of vlogging you can do so that like you said it is entertainment. – gopalrai 7 years ago

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