Western TV shows we could see as Anime

Not necessarily a remake like Supernatural got, but what Western TV shows could one see working as an animated series?

An instant contender would be Hannibal in my book. The highly stylized look and very visual storytelling, plus the bizarrely beautiful gore, would make it an ideal fit.

  • I'm not sure I understand this topic. I think that if one has to look, pretty much any show can be seen as anime in terms of the technique it's using. Even the more politically-driven ones, despite the fact that for many reasons anime tend not to go in that direction. – Justin Wu 7 years ago
  • Although the idea is good, but a simple list of shows that could be seen as anime (on which criteria? The animation techniques deployed are pretty much the same, just Japan has a way of depicting humans that's not like normal human-related art, for example the eyes) wouldn't be much helpful for the audience. I sometimes also think this, that shows with good action and smooth animation are closely related to anime, but an article differentiating the two and pointing out the similarities along the way would be more productive. – Abhimanyu 7 years ago

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