What Causes an Actor to Go Downhill?

With Johnny Depp recently becoming a laughing stock with the release of Mortdecai, culminating a string of poorly received films, I was thinking what are the reasons an actor becomes a shadow of their former selves and begins appearing in one poor film after another?

Obvious candidates include Robert DeNiro, Al Pacino, Marlon Brando, Eddie Murphy among others.

Possible reasons:
-Bad luck.
-Poor decision making.
-Financial troubles.
-Difficulty getting good roles at a certain age.
-They just don’t care anymore.
-Personal lives spiraling out of control.

  • Although an interesting topic, it seems kind of harsh to write about why we think these actors picked bad movies or "went down hill" because when it comes down to it, everyone you named is a legend. Just my opinion though! – samcel 7 years ago
  • I agree ^ I think this could be a good idea potentially if you changed your list of actors. Maybe you could change the topic a bit to be more along the lines of "how actors remain legends even after doing crappy hills later in their career." Johnny Depp still has a long career ahead of him, though...just because he acted in a recent poorly-received film doesn't necessarily mean his career is going to go downhill. I feel like your possible reasons and your idea are original, but I'm sure you could find better examples. – Felicia 7 years ago

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