What do Millennials Want?

A recent NYT article posed the question: What Do Millennials Want in TV? and the only conclusion was that the millennial generation is so diverse that it’s hard to pin down one factor. However, is there a factor that can bring together the millennial generation? Or is it simply too diverse to target as one group?

  • Great topic!!! Whoever can figure out what Millennial enjoy can count on reaching probably the most important group in world history since the Baby Boomers. I am a GenXer but I love this next generation coming up. In my view I think they are diverse but working with them has taught me how incredibly smart, adaptable and sincere they are as a group. I can't wait to see what they accomplish. I have high hopes for the future when I am around Millennial. – Munjeera 6 years ago
  • Very complex. It is going to be hard to whomever writes about this topic to find the necessary evidence to back up your statements. If you manage to do this it's going to be a wonderful article to read. – Andrestrada 6 years ago

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