• A good example is why Anime series sometimes leave the ending open and unexplained, if not outright inconclusive in an attempt to garner more reaction and raise demand for a second season which always fails. A fair example of this would be Pandora Hearts and Darker than Black, one of which was inconclusive and another which was not coherent, both of which became completely ridiculous. That said, as I am more familiar with Anime having to come back into circulation, I would put this topic as an Anime topic, not writing. – SpectreWriter 7 years ago
  • Another example is Invader Zim, the Nickelodeon television series that was cancelled in the early 2000s but was slowly brought back through the memories of children who loved it at the time and powerful lobbying groups such as Operation Head Pigeons (a Facebook community that has held multiple letter writing and video campaigns, established a convention--InvaderCon--to demonstrate the scope of the IZ fanbase, and worked with the creators to bring back the series in a comic form, which will be released tomorrow!) For that, it took a team of leaders and a brilliant social media campaign to rally together artists and show fans alike who all agreed the series was too good to remain unfinished. – LavenderNotebook 7 years ago
  • Maybe look into whether there have been change.org or indiegogo (or similar) campaigns about bringing stuff back? I heard that recently a group of fans raised enough money for three episodes of Thunderbirds (with puppets and all) using a fundraising campaign online. – Camille Brouard 7 years ago

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