What is it about animation that makes us think it's just for kids?

There are plenty of animated television programs great for children, but also plenty of them that are appropriate for all ages, and adults shouldn’t be ashamed to watch. . Steven Universe teaches us to love ourselves and one another (plus has an incredible soundtrack). Central Park is about both family and pride in one’s work, amongst other things. But there is often a stigma associated with animation that implies "if it’s a cartoon, it’s for kids." What causes us to think that way, and how can we break away from that one track mindset?

  • Good topic idea. It might also be beneficial to compare attitudes between Western and Eastern animation, such as anime, to highlight different attitudes toward animation. – CulturallyOpinionated 6 months ago
  • This is more of side not, but you can see something similar with comic-books and video-games. Despite them often covering and depicting topics that children might not have the capacity/experience to fully understand, both are considered content for children. And if you an adult who enjoys this type of material you're considered a man-child. I would look at the early 1980's as that was when animation became a popular way to advertise cereal and toys to kids. But if you look at early Disney (1950's) and Marvel comics they were actually used to address adult topics like drinking, war and sex. You can also find a lot of early cartoons advertised cigarettes and alcohol to adults. – Blackcat130 6 months ago

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