What Is Up With CGI in Movies Lately?

CGI is to modern films as peanut butter is to jelly. However, there has been a recent phenomenon of big-budget films that have unappealing visual effects turning people off of the film. Why is this happening so frequently? How do these projects get approved and released without anyone realizing the backlash it will face? Think: CATS or Sonic the Hedgehog

  • Totally an article we need. You could also look at the Transformers or The Hobbit series which rely heavily on CGI. Or, even better, The Lion King (2019). You could also mention films that use CGI well. For example, The Jungle Book (2016) excelled in the visual effects/CGI department. – OkaNaimo0819 2 years ago
  • You could also look into the process of how these films were made. There is a reason why making a movie cost so much. Also look into to the treatment of VFX Artists. In the case of sonic, the VFX team were overworked and some lost their jobs and in general VFX do not get the recognition they deserve. – Amelia Arrows 2 years ago
  • Cats alone could make an entire article. I mean, I'm a cat-lover, and just seeing the promotional photos turned me off. WAY off. – Stephanie M. 2 years ago

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