What's better, the book or the movie?

Many books have been turned into film or television in the last decade and the debate is always, what’s better? You may have people who aren’t interested in reading the books and settle for the movie, but do people decide to read the book after they’ve watched the movie or television show? Or does it just spoil it for them?

  • Yes, this is a long-spoken debate. This will make a good article, but I'm not sure whether it has it what it takes to make a popular article. Anyway, you can explore the "classic"-ness of books -- that collectors, avid readers, etc. prefer books and have a reason. However, film critics and people like us don't want to consume so much time and the film gives us action, drama, and effects, so that makes a more enjoying and profitable experience. Nevertheless, the book is equally important. – Abhimanyu Shekhar 8 years ago
  • I think you can enjoy both the book and the movie/TV adaptation as two separate stories. Obviously movies can't include everything from the books and sometimes new material is written for them (e.g. The Hunger Games). I tend to prefer TV show adaptations because they are able to spend more time developing the characters and the narrative. However, movies tend to have bigger budgets and are able to spend more on special effects. I usually read the book first and watch the adaptation after and, as a result, I tend to be more critical of the adaptations. People are fickle- some like spoilers and some will avoid them at all costs. – ShaneWebb96 8 years ago
  • I think it is always better to read the book first because this way you can imagine everything yourself in your head which will be always better than what you will or have seen on the screen. Books have more depth to the story and a better progression rate rather than the movies and sometimes the movies are just so disappointing. For example, they cut out or leave out parts of the book to save time but really sometimes those are necessary to grasp the whole story itself. I'm a book nerd, I like reading better than watching the movie. – Dilarak 8 years ago
  • Almost always the original, in my experience! – Luke Stephenson 8 years ago

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