What's news?

Much has been written about the death of news both local and global prompted by the shockingly sudden shutdown of local news websites. The popularity of print media is also in question nowadays contributing to this debate. Is the news still relevant? With Social Media playing a great impact in how news is now perceived and with influencers dictating public opinion is there still any value in having the news reported to the public through a lens. Think of betoota advocate who many follow on instagram, or channel 10s the project, we are still getting relevant news but in a much more entertaining way and apparent to societies wants & needs. How do you want to keep up with the news? You decide.

  • Use of the word "news" sometimes gives the impression of short and superficial. In other words leave the well-developed, policy implications, complexity to professional journals and lengthy articles. Maybe that is part of the problem. It's not unusually on a TV news show for a segment to be labeled something such as "in depth" and it never is. I suspect too much of an audience receiving "news" is getting the short and under-developed, it would be better to start with an assumption that lots of little stories, even if they fit some understanding of what is "news" are not helpful--several focused pieces might give an audience better insight into issues. – Joseph Cernik 4 years ago
  • I think a topic like this should also look into how major 'news' corporations are adapting from print media to the digital realm. Many have apps (such at the Economists 'Espresso') while others have gone to podcast formats (like Serial) or multi-media masterpieces (Snowfall by the New York Times). Beyond social media's influence, I'd also suggest looking at how our society has begun to lose its attention span and simply doesn't have the patience to read lengthy news articles and prefers quick tweets. – Pamela Maria 4 years ago

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