When do we call them shows and not TV shows?

Let’s face it, the "TV" bit in "TV shows" is pretty pointless. The majority of the people you find talking about TV shows are watching them on computers, laptops and even phones. Sure, Netflix likes to say that they cater to the TV audience and that most of the viewing happens on TV apps, but there is hardly anyone who has a subscription to one of the many services such as Netflix and HBO Max but watches stuff only on their TV. We can also explore what we could call these shows now.

  • In this topic, perhaps more statistics could be mentioned about the percentage of people streaming compared to that of consumers watching TV. Consumers are increasingly watching content they can identify with, and streaming platforms like Netflix and HBO produce entertainment that reflects consumers' identity. Who has the most monopoly today on how entertainment is marketed to the public, and why is this done? - Richard – Richard 6 months ago

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