When Great TV Shows Die

With what seems to be the last season of Hannibal ending very soon, are shows that don’t get excellent ratings, but are constantl raved about, being mistreated? Should these shows be allowed to carry on regardless? Why do these shows A) not get higher ratings? B) get cancelled regardless of quality.

I know the overriding reason will be money, but there must be more to this, surely?

  • Yes and no. To your first question, I think we have to think about whether those critics rating these shows actually have the audience in mind. A show may affect each person differently based on their paradigm. Often times, I find that I disagree with critics' reviews. There are shows that only become famous or have more views long after their first season, and if they weren't allowed to keep airing, no one would have discovered them. If you take money out of the equation, shows need time to develop and to really have their own "voice". It's a shame that a budget defines the show and it's potential, but money cannot be taken out of the equation completely, unfortunately. So where do we draw the line? – Nof 7 years ago
  • I think it all depends on the type of budget that the TV show has. I feel it is also difficult to get a TV show "going" in a sense when you have shows such as Greys Anatomy and other "regular" shows that have a strong fan base and have had a TV spot for years. – mkhonnn 7 years ago
  • Money is defiantly not the only reason a show lives or dies. Placement can have a huge factor in a shows success. Take Dark Angel for example, extremely popular but was put on Friday nights and seemingly died. The show had all the elements of a great show but didn't make it. Some shows like Andromeda and Smallville loose their luster near the end and try to end things without completely falling apart. I don't think money is always the reason a show ends. If the people involved with the show aren't dedicated to it then it will fall apart and end. A show like Supernatural has had its obvious hiccups but each year comes back with a new season. Fans see the dedication and commitment put into the show. They reward it with loyalty. A great show needs some money for sure but what it needs more is dedicated quality people producing it, enough fans that see it's potential for growth to become loyal, and a little bit of luck. – Marshal 7 years ago
  • The quality of a show is only one of the many factors it success. Often times, cancellations are due to budget problems, management issues, political concerns, very low profits that do not compensate inversion. It looks like "art," but it is a business after all. – T. Palomino 3 months ago

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