Where are the Australian sci fi fantasy films?

I’m a big fan of the screen – films and tv shows, I wondered how come Australia doesn’t produce more films and television shows based on science fiction, fantasy or even the superhero genre which has taken over the world.
America and Europe have many films and TV shows dedicated to depicting these things and Australia doesn’t have much and if we do, they don’t get much air time. This fact doesn’t irritate me but if depicting films and shows within these genre’s are such huge successes in other regions how come Australia hasn’t tried it?
I know there are a few films and shows out there but if there a more I would love to know.
Is Australia against these films?
Is it against our film/tv industry to make these?
Have they tried and failed?
If/ when a film or TV show in Australia has elements of science fiction / fantasy involved how come they don’t get the same exposure?

Has someone written about this already and I don’t know?

  • I tried looking for it again, but had no luck on finding it - but during my time at uni a few years ago, I read a fascinating paper on how Australian audiences enjoy and are open to fantasy and sci-fi media. But due to the scale and the risks associated with producing this kind of TV and film, our under-funded networks and companies are too hesitant to take the big venture. However, times are hopefully changing with the 2017's "Cleverman" an awesome show focusing on indigenous mythos that uses fantasy and dystopian elements to create a cool and engaging show that balances social issues with it's superhero-esque storyline. Stories and features on the production of Cleverman could perhaps tell us more about why sci-fi and fantasy films are so scarce in Australia? That's my suggestion at least. – Dimitri Adoniou 4 years ago
  • You make some very good points and I think this is a subject well worth investigating. Off the top of my head I can name but a few 'purely' Australian sci-fi projects, such as the original 'Mad Max' (directed by George Miller), the wonderfully theatrical 'Farscape' series, 'The Infinite Man' (2014), 'The Death and Life of Otto Bloom' (2016) and 'Alpha Gateway' (2018). There are, of course, many other sci-fi and fantasy films that have been filmed in Australia. It might be worth looking out for a documentary entitled 'Not Quite Hollywood', which covers the subject quite well, for anyone wishing to pursue the topic further. – Amyus 4 years ago

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