Where TV Shows Are Going, and How you Can Get There

A well-organized perspective about how Television is changing, namely in the wake of online-exclusive shows and the fight of cable television to compete.

  • Ease of accessibility is a factor. Online-only shows allow the viewer to watch them anywhere at any time, whereas TV has a specific time and date for each episode, so recording shows and online downloading would factor into a cable TV show and wouldn't factor into online as much. Although Netflix only shows still have to face online downloading in countries that don't have Netflix. – Tyler McPherson 7 years ago
  • Online television shows are giving unlimited access to viewing by anyone, anywhere, and at any time. – RaeFunshine 7 years ago
  • Since Powers came out recently this could also stretch out to gaming consoles as the PSN has released Powers, while the Xbox store has released Halo: Nightfall. – Tyler McPherson 7 years ago

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