Which actors/actresses are most relatable, and how does this impact audience reception of their characters and stories?

Actresses like Greta Gerwig, Ellen Page, and Jennifer Lawrence are consistently seen in roles that are perceived as authentic representations of modern young women–and rightly so–and though it may be impossible to determine how much of this is due to talent vs. natural charisma, there are undeniable some characters who resonate with us and our own personalities, stories, behaviors far more effectively than others. Who are the actors and actresses whose very essence seems to do the work for them?

  • Obviously, this is a very subjective topic. People certainly relate to different actors/actresses depending on who they are. I could see this being a very interesting topic in terms of comments discussion. If you were to bring up a few fairly universally relatable actors, both male and female, explain why they are relatable, then call for personal preferences from the audience, I think it would get people to think and comment. – NORB3RT 6 years ago
  • This topic would be easier to write if one examined the formal characteristics that makes someone relatable rather than by trying to select people that might only be relatable to the person picking them. Alternatively, as NORB3RT suggests, pick people and then analyse them. Move from the specific to the general. – IsidoreIsou 6 years ago
  • It's Elliot Page now. – T. Palomino 4 days ago

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