Who is Rey? The identity of the newest hero in the Star Wars universe.

Using the hints in the movie ,Star Wars the Force Awakens, suggest possibilities who the character Rey is and what could be her possible origin. She appears to be the main character in the story and there are a few obvious possibilities who she really is. This would be an interesting topic to explore because the question as to her identity is a mystery thus far.

  • I feel like this has been the most talked about thing since the movie came out. It's such a big mystery, with many fans divided on who she's related to. Is she a Skywalker? I've also heard things about her being related to Obi-Wan Kenobi. And what is the importance of her family? Do you think it's a good idea that she's related to some other main character? – thewyverary 11 months ago
  • Hopefully Rey doesn't become another River Song, where the question is asked and teased so much that eventually the audience no longer cares. – J.P. Shiel 11 months ago
  • Another area you could think about is what is the significance of discussions related to her birth and genealogy?How would Rey as a character change if she was a Skywalker, a Kenobi or from a brand new bloodline. Would the viewer's view of the character change drastically based off the revelations of her identity/parentage. – SeanGadus 3 months ago
  • If one wanted to get philosophical, one might address first, the speculation, but next, the reason behind it. Why do people care about her origins? Because they're a JJ Abrams 'mystery box'? They're never hinted to be relevant to THE story, just HER backstory. Because lineage matters in Star Wars? Because lineage matters in real life? Because of ESB? Will the solved mystery be underwhelming? Because of speculation?I tend to see a lot of guessing the 'truth' in fictional works, but haven't been able to determine what makes us seek it. Will Rey be a better/worse character if 'hey, her dad is Luke' and it holds no other significance.I dunno'... I guess this is a small part of a larger narrative: audiences prioritize plot when there's so much more in a story. Meditate on it if you desire. – m-cubed 3 months ago

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