Why Are Futuristic Games Failing?

Gamers have been used to playing their favorite game series for years now like Call of Duty, Battlefield, Star Wars: Battlefront, and many more. Since the days of these gaming franchises, many new game titles have emerged such as Titan Fall, Watch Dogs, and many more, so to compete, the older franchises are stepping up their games to keep up with the every growing market, only to realize that the games are not being as successful as they are supposed to be. So why are all these futuristic games failing?

  • It would be important for the person who takes the topic to note an important feature of this subject: that the older franchises are attempting to step up by integrating new features into their already worn out games. Something the writer might touch on is some research into why franchises continue, rather than their companies offering something new. – Steven Gonzales 6 years ago
  • I am a little confused by your topic but I think the overall idea is very interesting. I think that some of the games you mention are failing but others are very successful. For example, if you look at a game like Star Wars Battlefront by DICE, it has sold a boat load of copies (http://www.ign.com/articles/2016/05/10/star-wars-battlefront-sales-top-14-million), despite the fact that it arguably shipped with not enough content and game modes and an overpriced season pass. I would also look into Overwatch a game that has sold an insane amount of copies with a huge fan base. – SeanGadus 6 years ago

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