Why are people captivated by horror films?

Tell why people like to watch horror films even though everyone knows we will have nightmares later, but continue to keep going back to these types of movies.

  • Horror movies are like a roller-coster: there only good if they evoke new thrills. You could talk about how horror movies these days use cheep thrills to get an audience scared; like jump scares seen in all of the Paranormal Activity movies. – Aaron Hatch 7 years ago
  • I feel that one could break this down to sub-genres of horror. This might be a way to structure the article. For example, I prefer the occasional psychological horror. Do sub-genres influence our attraction to horror? Something to think about, at least. – BethanyS 7 years ago
  • I question the use of the word "everyone" here. – T. Palomino 4 days ago

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