Why Are There No More Blockbuster Comedies?

At a time when the world is dismal, frustration is running high, and no one can seem to get along with one another, why has the "blockbuster comedy" vanished without a trace? Ever since the 1960’s, comedy was practically America’s favorite genre, and through the early 2010’s it remained, when at least once a year, a movie would come out and recharge the cultural lexicon with mainstaying quotes and the conversations that followed. Beverly Hills Cop, Clueless, Talladega Nights… all eras bygone. Even Judd Apatow, the uncontested king of comedies of this ilk, seems to have gravitated more to understated dramedies with Funny People and this year’s The King of Staten Island. Perhaps it was the advent of Marvel, or perhaps it was the move of most films to streaming services, but no must-see comedies seem to have been released since perhaps 2014’s 22 Jump Street. Why do you think this is? Is this something you’ve noticed, and if so, have you missed them? What do you think the solution could be?

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