Why Frozen has gained a cult following

People have been so thirsty for something that captures what they miss about the Disney Renaissance and Frozen is what’s come closest.

It’s a good movie that provides strong female characters without being too preachy about it. Elsa isn’t obsessed with finding a man, but she isn’t obsessed with pointing that out either. It has strong female protagonists, without the story being all about the fact that the leads are strong females like that’s such a weird anomaly.

  • It would also be important to mention some of the criticism of the film. Also I'm not sure cult following is the correct term here. It has dedicated fan base for sure but it seems to be well loved by main stream. A cult film is a film that didn't do well in the mainstream but still retains a a dedicated fan base. – Cagney 8 years ago
  • I remember that Walt Disney himself has been trying to make this film for a long time, so this movie has gone throughout many revisions. In the old draft Esla was the originally the villain, but in the final version she is good, but misunderstood. You could talk about how this is different for Disney, by not making the queen of the film the villain. – Aaron Hatch 7 years ago
  • I am sick of Frozen, or rather, I'm sick of Elsa. I think an interesting way to approach this topic would be to consider the fact that Anna isn't as much (or at all) involved in the cult, despite the fact that she carries most of the movement throughout the film. – Jessica Marie Farrugia 7 years ago

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