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Why One-Punch Man is a must see?

One-Punch Man is the type of manga/anime that could bring in all types of anime lovers since Dragon Ball. It has humor, insanely awesome fighting sequences and the animation is top notch. The voice acting is exactly like how you would imagine the bald headed protagonist to sound like and the music is exactly how you would imagine the music would be in a superhero and a fighting anime. The manga is also a must read because some of the art is better seen in a manga than in an anime. For example the meteor scene is so believable that you would feel that the meteor is actually gonna fall on you.

The humor is funny as hell. It will actually make you laugh out loud. Even though the protagonist is overpowered, you wouldn’t feel that the fights are one sided. Saitama, who’s the protagonist is an interesting character to witness. His design is simple, whereas the environment around him is complex and beautifully drawn. His simple character design is truly magnificent. The villains are funny and freaking strong as well. Some are suggestive but they can pass. No sexual content, which is a first in thi skind of genre. Overall, it is a must see anime and everyone must see this

Rating: 9/10

  • I agree. I had heard of One Punch Man back when it was just a manga. I didn't give it a shot. However, after hearing good things regarding the anime, I watched it. I clearly was wrong not to have given the series a chance before. – Jiraiyan 8 years ago
  • I guess I most curious to see how they manage to make amazing fight scenes with a character who ends a fight in just one punch haha. Seems like they'd be short and anticlimactic. – Tatijana 8 years ago
  • Tatijana the fights are really good. One of the main reasons to see the show is for the fights. Give it a try. U wont regret it – exavenger 8 years ago
  • I can't wait for the localization effort. – Fenrir013 8 years ago
  • Wow, I keep hearing good things about One-Punch Man. I may need to check it out! – Emily Deibler 8 years ago
  • I actually thought OPM had some deficiencies here and there, but I agree that it was an overall solid series. I'm also eager to see if/when/how it will be localized. – CheesyJ 8 years ago
  • Don't forget the webcomic! Even with the very rough sketchbook-like art, it manages to convey so much character-based humor that it doesn't matter, and the anime is incredibly faithful to it. Both are amazingly fun. – Null 8 years ago

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