Why people are interested in the Movie Breakfast club?

This movie it is about five types of high school students study together
made in the year 2000, produced by director John Hughes which it included characters Emilio Estevez as the student who is interested in the sports. Paul Gleason, who was the principal of the school. Other characters are Anthony Michael Hall, John Kapelos as the school janitor,Molly Ringwald as the spoiled rich sophisticated girl, and Ally Sheedy as a punk lonely girl who was broke and studied with them. The movie begins five teenagers, each a member of a different high school, who spend a Saturday in detention together and come to realize that they are all more than their respective nationalities, while facing a strict principal. This movie has influenced the high school and even young adults to be watched as one of the most memorable and recognizable movies directed by John Hughes. The media viewed the five main charactors as member of group called" Brat Pack".
The purpose John Hughes titled this movie " The Breakfast Club" was a nickname given by the students and the staff for morning detention at The Trier High School which John Hughe’s son went. For that reason, this movie is very interesting discovering what has happened at the school in the detention time.

This movie is one of the best movie that John Hughes was able to demonstrate typical teenage life at The Trier High School.Therefor I have chosen this movie as one of the top favorite movies of all time. I hope this movie is interesting for you as well.

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