Why people love Michiko and Hatchin

Michiko and Hatchin is an anime set in a fictional country on a continent similar to South America. The story involves two dysfunctional characters in a "mother/daughter" relationship that it equally, if not more, dysfunctional. Question is, why is it so popular? As a "mother daughter" relationship, it clearly is designed to leave a lot to be desired, but what is it about the over-the-top relationship that draws people in. One could say that it’s the diversity in the show itself that is refreshing enough to keep people engaged in the story line. Or is it the hope to see Michiko and Hatchin’s relationship grow in affection, as one would expect from a "mother/daughter" duo? Also, why is it that Michiko sought Hatchin out, and how does her relation to the man she loves put Michiko in a conflicting position of love and hate for Hatchin? This is to analyze and dive deeper into the relationship between the two and how it appeals to the audience.

  • Is "Michiko and Hatchin" popular? How popular? It's hard to tell since it's not something that has blown up in terms of memes, gifs, or fan-art: which seems to be the way to gauge popularity for things these days. I know I'm a fan, and am still working my way through the series now. But I haven't really been aware of its popularity before I ready your description here. – Jonathan Leiter 7 years ago
  • I think it's important to note the demographics of popularity. From my experiences when it first aired on Adult Swim, it was highly circulated among women looking for variety in female characters and minorities seeking representation. I understand where you are coming from though, because as a whole the scale of popularity can be a bit iffy, I think it depends on where you look. "Popular with who" would probably be the question here. – Aurianna 7 years ago

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