Why Pretty Little Liars Ran Too Long

Writers of the Pretty Little Liars TV show destroyed what could of been an intensifying show of murder and mystery with girly social drama. Producers of the TV show became increasingly money-hungry as the show progressed, forcing the story to continue long passed the point where it should’ve stopped. Although there were plenty of good places to end the story prior to the sixth season, the five-year jump of Season Six Part Two is where they should’ve cut their losses and wrapped the show.

  • I think the focus of the topic here is more of what suffered in the show due to its long length rather than "why" the show ran overly long. I don't think it's quite right to say the producers became "money-hungry" - if a show is a critical success, popular with the fans, has continued funding, and they have ways of continuing the plot, most producers/networks would choose to keep going. I do agree, however, that the story did lose some of its momentum. I've watched the show since its beginning and will see it through til the end, but even I have been incredibly unimpressed with some of the plot twists, eye-rolling cliffhangers, questionable plot holes, and unanswered questions that seem to only become more complicated than resolved as the seasons go by. I don't quite agree that they should have "cut their losses" specifically at the time-jump when I've read many compelling arguments about how the time-jump rejuvenated the show's plot by giving new tensions in the girls' post-high school lives with their careers and love lives. I think your counter-argument would need to consider the post-time jump plot and see if it's added anything new to the show - or if it's just more of the same. – Karen 6 years ago
  • I definitely agree, I think there was a blatant overdue ending to the series. The real tragedy though seems to be how different/drawn-out the show seemed on TV in comparison to the novels. Great topic, should for sure be explored! – JulieCMillay 5 years ago

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