Why She-Ra's ending and final season was leagues better than Voltron's.

Many fans of Voltron have been very vocal on the shows less than pleasing ending in 2018, due to the queerbaiting of the relationships between characters Lance and Keith and characters Shiro and Adam.

Whilst Shiro was confirmed to have been in a romantic relationship with Adam, the latter was later killed off in the same episode he was introduced, leading many to believe this was another case of "kill your gays"

The treatment of the LGBT aligned characters in the show caused outrage, with many fans believing that having Lance and Keith’s romantic future left "up in the air" isn’t enough due to the many parallels between their relationship and canon romantic relationships.

Contrastingly, many fans have applauded She-Ra on the ending this year, where fans saw many LGBT characters in romantic relationships at the series finale, most notably Adora and Catra, who profess their love to each other and kiss.

  • I agree with with leersens that this might be better as a compare/contrast article. Definitely someone who is familiar with both shows as well as others within the subgenre. So long as you revise this topic proposition, someone can tackle it! I think it might be additionally beneficial to speak on what fans did not like about She-Ra's ending, especially in regard to Catra and Adora. As Catra caused Adora so much mental, emotional and physical harm, I believe a small section in this article should go into the way these shows decided to leave the bigger relationships. Maybe a critique on the way that Adam's death affected the show as well as the way Catra's complete turn-around as a character shifted everything. I do like this topic, and would definitely read this article. – Abie Dee 2 years ago
  • I personally haven't watched Voltron, but I did watch She-Ra, and I found it very sweet how it ended. It's nice to know that T.V. shows are including LGBTQ+ relationships in their character universe. – Amatur18 2 years ago

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